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High performance

Modern presses can punch from the coil into a coil, from a scroll to a blanket, from a board to a blackboard. They are very powerful, punch in widths up to 1500 mm, usually up to a thickness of 2-3 mm, but there are also unique width presses capable of punching up to 6 mm in thickness. They are suitable for large and large orders, full punching and precision perforated fields.


500 strokes / min


Strength and agility

These presses make it possible to scratch a maximum size of up to 2500 x 6000 mm. They are generally punched with combined tools up to a maximum width of 400 mm, as well as for example one-offs. They are used mainly for punching into thick sheets, for various atypical and difficult punching types, and also for small orders where the use of lace press production is disadvantageous.


Max sheet thickness
25 mm


Accuracy and variability

Trumatic, Finn power, Amada and many others. These presses are mostly used for the production of sheet metal parts with different holes, including the cutting of the exact formats of the desired expansion. Their use for nationwide punching, especially small holes, is economically disadvantageous. Other single-purpose punching presses, such as eccentric presses, can also be included in this group.


"Help for small and atypical orders."

VIDEO from production

Exclusive representation

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Exclusive representation

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