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Protect yourself from accidental injury and improve the design and appearance of your perforated materials.

Edging profiles are designed for perforated sheets, expanded metal and welded and woven mesh. We offer them in materials: steel cl. 11, galvanized, stainless steel (even ground) and aluminum 99.5 hh.

We currently have 3 basic types (Type B, Type E and Type 2) in the standard length of 3 m. Other types are delivered to order.

  • protection from injuries
  • a modern look
  • stabilizing the filler material

Profile types

Type F
Type A
Type B
Type C
Type D

Choose the profile correctly

In order to select a suitable profile, you need to know
the actual thickness of the material that is inserted into the groove. Therefore, use the following values.

Expanded metal: the value of the corrected height (approximately 2x the size of the strand)
flattened expanded metal and perforated sheets: material thickness
woven wire mesh: corrected mesh height
welded wire mesh: wire diameter
  • If you want to galvanize the material, it is necessary to drill holes for zinc drainage.

Stock items

  Material Dimension [mm] Thickness [mm] Length [mm] Groove [mm]  Range of application [mm] Weight [kg/m] 

Typ B

steel cl. 11, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel - to orderø 271,53 0002,71 - 2,51,2Inquiry

Typ E

steel cl. 1120 x 301,53 0002,71 - 2,51,27Inquiry

Typ 2

steel cl. 11, galvanized steel, stainless steel30 x 301,53 0005,73 - 5,51,5Inquiry


For order

We are able to deliver the products listed below within 1-2 weeks.

  Material Dimension [mm] Thickness [mm] Lenght [mm] Groove [mm]  Range of application [mm] Weight [kg/m] 

Typ A

galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steelø 181,2530001,70,8 - 1,50,5Inquiry

Typ C

steel cl. 11, galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel20 x 201,253 0001,70,8 - 1,50,5Inquiry

Typ D

stainless steel12 x 181,253 0001,30,8 - 1,2-Inquiry

Typ F

galvanized, stainless steelø 10130001,30,8 - 1,2-Inquiry

Typ 4

steel cl. 11, galvanized steel40 x 40230007,54 - 7,3-Inquiry

Do you need to customize edging profiles?

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