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Types of expanded metal


Mesh dimension

2 - 400 mm

Sheet thickness

0,6 - 5 mm


small format:1 000 x 2 000 mm
middle format:1 250 x 2 500 mm
large format:1 500 x 3 000 mm

format can be customized
max dimension: 2 500 x 6 000 mm

Dimensional tolerances

Width 5 %
Lenght 10 %
A - mesh length
B - mesh width
C - width of the expanded metal
D - length of the expanded metal
E - strand width
S - strand thickness
T - overall thickness (see flattening)


Steel - DC01, DC04

The most used type of material. Attracts with its price. It is the ideal choice for its tensile properties and is suitable for surface finishes.

Stainless steel - 1.4301

Surprising with long life and unique features. It is not corroded.

Galvanized steel - DX51D

Galvanized steel is surface treated with a zinc layer. It prevents corrosion of steel that initially corrodes itself.


It is a very light material, also used in the aviation industry. On the air it is covered with a very thin oxide layer that protects the metal from oxidation.


A revolutionary protective layer that is applied to steel. It is up to 10 times more durable than galvanized steel.

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