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Pressed gratings "P"

Under pressure up to 20,000 kN, filler bars are pressed into the supporting bars. They provide high strength and durability. They are more attractive than welded gratings and are increasingly used for architectural solutions.

Welded gratings "SP"

Under the electric current up to 2500 kVA and up to 1000 kN pressure, the filler rods are welded into the supporting bars. These are made from drawn twisted wire (standard 4.7 mm). They guarantee even greater strength and are therefore more suitable for industrial applications.



Pressed gratings

Welded gratings

descriptionbar - barbar - wire
size of mesh
30 x 30 mm34 x 38 mm
carrier belt30 x 2 mm
30 x 3 mm
from 25 x 2 mm
to 50 x 5 mm
max dimension1 750 x 3 000 mm1 000 x 6 100 mm
materialsteel S235 JR
stainless steel 1.4301
steel S235 JR
availabilityin stockcustom-made


Safety features


Thanks to the network structure
Produced under pressure up to 20,000 kN


Provide high load capacity
Evenly distribute the load


Do not allow the settling of dirt
Good light and air permeability


Easy to install
Plate-shaped modular shape


length of the mesh


width of the mesh


height of gratings


thickness of supporting bar


supporting bars

flat bars between two gratings supports

filler bars / wire

cross bars to the supporting bars - welded or pressed at the crossing point


framing the gratings around the perimeter

supporting bar length of gratings

external dimension of the gratings in the direction of the supporting bars

non-supporting bar width of gratings

external dimension of the gratings in the direction of the filler bars / wires



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