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Basic types of perforation

Rv Round hole - diagonal rows
Round hole - diagonal rows
RgRound hole - straight rows
Round hole - straight rows
Qg Square holes - straight rows
Square holes - straight rows
Qv Square hole - staggered rows
Square hole - staggered rows
Lv Oval hole
Oval hole
Lg Оval hole - straight rows
Оval hole - straight rows
Decorative perforations
Decorative perforations
Embossed perforation
Embossed perforation


Thickness of the sheet

steel:0,5 - 25 mm
stainless steel:0,4 - 15 mm
aluminium:0,6 - 10 mm

the thickness of the sheet depends on
the type of punch and on the material


small format:1 000 x 2 000 mm
middle format:1 250 x 2 500 mm
large format:1 500 x 3 000 mm

format of the sheet can be customized
max size: 2 500 x 6 000 mm


Steel - DC01

The most used type of material. Attracts with its price and wide range of uses. Suitable for surface treatment.

Stainless steel - AISI 304

Surprising with long life and unique features. It is not corroded, and thus meets the toughest hygiene requirements.

Galvanized steel - DX51D

Galvanized steel is surface treated with a zinc layer. It prevents corrosion of steel that initially corrodes itself.


It is a very light material, also used in the aviation industry. On the air it is covered with a very thin oxide layer that protects the metal from oxidation.


A revolutionary protective layer that is applied to steel. It is up to 10 times more durable than galvanized steel.

Other materials

We are also able to supply perforated products made of non-ferrous metals.


Thickness 0.4 - 25 mm
Format max 2.5 - 6 metres
Large variety of materials


Wide range of potential use
For industrial and household use


The most modern
production  technologies
Partnership with the biggest European producers


The producers possesses
ISO 9001:2008
The sheets comply with the international norms DIN 24 041

Calculation of open area

Note: w, L = diameter, width or length of the hole
t = pitch between the centers of the holes
results are as a percentage

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