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The modular staircase kit system ensures assembly within 1 hour without drilling. Provides extreme stability and flexibility, allowing you to reach a height of up to 5.80 m, thanks to a variable gradient of 35 ° to 55 °. The stair sets are delivered with XSL staircases, which excel with exceptional ease and strength.
All steel parts are hot galvanized in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1461. All bolts, nuts, plates and other small parts are provided with a special surface to provide consistently high corrosion protection. The ideal slope of the staircase is 38 degrees according to DIN 18065.


Staircase height1,51 - 5,80 m
Railingone-sided / double-sided
The width of the staircase600 - 1 600 mm
The mesh size of the staircase30/30 a 30/10
Anti-slip protectionboth normal and non-slip versions


Stock items

Staircase kitHeight (H)
[min. - max.]
Lenght (L)
[min. - max.]
AvailabilityPriceII. railing 
Type 1 6001,51 - 2,01 m1,55 - 2,11 min 3 weeks

from 1.441,- 
1.299,- EUR

409,- EUR

Type 2 7002,53 - 3,51 m2,51 - 3,49 min 3 weeks

from 2.059,- 
1.859,- EUR

709,- EUR
Type 4 4004,12 - 5,80 m4,13 - 5,80 min 3 weeks

from 3.089,- 
2.779,- EUR

1.319,- EUR
* All prices are without VAT.
** Please include the preferred ladder width (600-1,600 mm), railing type (single sided, double sided), mesh size (30/30, 30/10) and whether you want anti-slip protection.

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